GungHo Product Review

social-offer-packet_v2-3Are you always on the go? Do you have a lot going on in your life? Do you live on energy drinks to keep you energized and focused? Take the GungHo challenge! Stop drinking energy drinks for three days and use GrungHo instead and see if you can tell a much better improvement. I was lucky enough to receive GrungHo for review. GrungHo is a focus supplement that increases focus, concentration, and improves memory. It keeps you energized. GrungHo increases levels of critical neurotransmitters in the brain over time. It comes in little pouches.

I used it and it was sweet going down. Later I did feel energized and more focused on accomplishing tasks like on my blog. It didn’t take to long to kick in and seems to be lasting. I feel like I can accomplish a lot more.

Follow 3 steps for a Ninja-like focus:

  1. One must shun other energy products to block crash.
  2. Tear open packet half-way with crane-like grace, pour into mouth for extra focus and energy without jitters.
  3. One may increase capacity to focus/memorize and recall things over time if one take GungHo every day per suggested use on package.

Main ingredients of GungHo are ashwaganda, citicoline, caffeine, niacin, eleuthero, and the vitamin levels GungHo are well within safe limits.

This is how Grungho Stacks up:


Right now there is a 30% off promotion so GrungHo is priced at $2.99 for a trial pack or 12 packets for $10.50.You can also join their monthly discount club for $19.99 and receive some awesome perks like free shipping for life.

Find out more about GrungHo at their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Would I recommend this product? Yes! It did what it said it would do. Keep you focused and energized to complete tasks.

This is a sponsored post! All opinions are mine. View my disclosure and rules for more information.